logo design
  • Importer of Decorative Tents Logo Identity

    Big Sky Tents

    The owners wanted a unique brand signature that implied hand craftsmanship. The tents are custom designed in the United States to order and are then made to specification in India using old-world techniques such as wood block printing. We also designed the Big Sky Tents website and brochure. ©2013 Pickett Design, all rights reserved.

  • Speech Recognition Software Logo Identity

    Dragon Systems

    A new logo was needed to replace the existing logo due to market concerns overseas. It was designed to look technological and to imply speech while still incorporating a Dragon character. This was a difficult design challenge and many logo concepts were created. ©2013 Pickett Design, all rights reserved.

  • Non-profit Logo Identity

    Eim Chai

    Eim Chai provides an arena for Jewish Women in the Boston area to share their common spirituality through events and meetings. Their logo was designed to reflect joy of their community and the preservation of their values as observant Jewish Women.

  • Logo Identity


    A local college of engineering celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

  • Government Clean Energy Group Logo Identity

    Massachusetts Govenor's Office

    Our client wanted a logo for public awareness and to recognize participants with icon for their web site to show the world they are committed to clean energy. The logo will be used on all literature, signage throughout the state and on the Clean Energy Challenge web site, also designed by Pickett Design. ©2013 Pickett Design, all rights reserved.

  • Banking Logo Identity


    They were a just-born company without a logo. I styled their logo in a way that implied the ease and fluidity of transfer of money that MoneyConnect could provide for its customers. MoneyConnect helps people secure small online loans on a short-term basis. ©2013 Pickett Design, all rights reserved.

  • Non-profit Helping Soldiers Logo Identity

    Tranquil Valley Sanctuary

    We volunteered to help Tranquil Valley with all aspects of their marketing and design. But first on the list was their logo. We wanted to create a mark that would reflect the camaraderie and love between the horses living at Tranquil Valley and the soldiers who would visit them and ultimately benefit from the friendship and trust that would blossom. Tranquil Valley provides services to soldiers who have difficulty transitioning to life after military service. ©2013 Pickett Design, all rights reserved.

  • Retail Home Funrnishings Logo Identity

    Willo Home Decor

    The proprietor wanted a bold logo treatment with a distinctive style. We used an art-deco style font to give an architectural look to the logo accented with a border similar in line to the font but reminiscent of a trelase. Pickett Design is also in the process of creating Willo's web site. All designed to make you think of home. ©2013 Pickett Design, all rights reserved.

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