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Answers to your questions
Q: Do you make custom tents?
A: Yes, hand crafted custom tents are our specialties. While there are several popular styles we can recommend, color schemes and motifs are all customizable. Personal design assistance is also available.
Q: What kind of lead time is required?
A: It really depends upon the size of your order, the shipping method, and the time of year (spring being the busiest). One small tent shipped by air in the fall should arrive in 3-4 weeks. Larger orders shipped by sea in the spring may take up to 3 months. Contact us for more specific timing on your order.
Q: How long will my tent last?
A: As with any tent, care and conditions are the determining factors. However, with good care a frequently used canvas tent should give you 10 or more years of service.
Q: How do you care and clean the tents?
A: Very easily. Simply hose down the tent while still erected, spot clean with household detergent and air dry before storing.
Q: What about packing?
A: Each tent comes complete in its own galvanized tin chest for ease of storage and transporting.

What materials are used?

A: All our tents are made from the finest materials with the exterior consisting of sturdy 15 oz. canvas that is treated to ensure that is waterproof and rot proof. The decorative inner linings are made of lighter weight cotton and can be hand block printed by our skilled and experienced staff in a range of designs and colors or made to your specific needs.
Q: Q: Do the tents come in other sizes than those listed?
A: While our most popular sizes are listed, they can be made to any size you require.
Q: How easy is it to erect and dismantle the tent?

Very. Specific instructions and all necessary equipment are included with every tent.

Q: What is the ordering process?

Simple. Just call or email us with your needs and we will send you an estimate/invoice. Once you approve all of the specifications, payment can be made via credit card or check. Delivery dates will then be confirmed.

• Prices are quoted via air to the East or West Coast. Depending upon quantities and final destination, shipping charges may vary.

•You may change or cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. After 24 hours, production of your custom order begins, so changes cannot be made.

Q: Are your tents guaranteed?
A: Of course. We guarantee our products to be free from manufacturer defects. We will gladly replace any product found to be defective upon delivery and/or under normal use. Given the hand-crafted nature of the product, minor variations in design and manufacture are to be expected. While made to be sturdy and long-lasting, normal wear and tear is inevitable if used out of doors for extended periods of time.
Q: Do you rent as well as sell tents?
A: We primarily sell tents. Your local tent and party rental company may already stock our tents or they can procure one from us to rent to you.
Rentals for premier events are done on occasion. Please contact us for availability.

indian tents
Our Story:
Big Sky Tent Sales was created by sisters Anne-Marie Eddy and Robin Morrow as an off-shoot of the family’s Big Sky Tent and Party Rentals on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Anne-Marie and her husband, Jim, started the rental company in 1998 while planning their own Martha’s Vineyard tent wedding. Abandoning corporate careers in search of a more fulfilling lifestyle, their tent rental company has now grown to be the premiere provider of weddings and parties on the Island.

Always in search of new ideas, Anne-Marie has been on the lookout for a supplier of decorative tents as brides, event planners, and party hosts have all been begging for alternatives to the plain vanilla, white vinyl tent. In 2003, she made a connection with one of the finest Indian tent manufacturers in India. Convincing Robin to move back from London was tough, but the writing was on the wall that this new style of highly decorative tents was going to fulfill a real consumer need.

So Anne-Marie and Robin joined together their combined expertise in marketing and sales to form Big Sky Tent Sales. They traveled to India to meet with the manufacturer directly and oversee the making of these beautiful tents. The tradition of tents in India goes back hundreds of years when the Mughals and Maharajas developed a life under canvas for the opulent and exotic comfort. Anne-Marie and Robin learned so much about this ancient craft while in India – from traditional wood block printing, to dying of canvas, to the bringing together of the local craftsmen for this ancient art of tent-making. They also traveled to the ancient, beautiful city of Jaipur to learn more about Rajasthan textiles and designs.

Big Sky Tent Sales has brought this unique range of handmade decorative tents, awnings, and canopies to the US from afar to be used for weddings, parties, resorts, pools, and gardens. These tents and accessories are available to buy or rent exclusively through Big Sky Tent Sales. Special orders are always welcome.