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About Us

he art we make tells our client's story. That is an important and difficult thing to do. If you don't reach out in an interesting and impressive way when you tell your story it will get lost in the noise and you won't connect with your audience. Creativity is the tool I use to set my clients apart and get them noticed. I feel that design must stand apart and on its own with a strong look that can't be mistaken for another's. Once that look is established, we can roll it in to every aspect of a marketing plan to create a successful, recognizable presence in any medium.

Often, a client will come to me with absolutely nothing. This is the sort of challenge that I love. Because when we get creative - the big idea is transformed into the marketing tools for success. Lets create some success and collaborate on your marketing needs. Lets get creative!

Since 2000 Matt Pickett has helped international companies, non-profits, small businesses, institutions and people get the art and design they need to help their vision grow.